Monday , February 27 2017

Diamond Bangle Bracelets are Timeless Pieces

Diamond Bangle Bracelets are Timeless Pieces

While the bracelet has always been a very popular piece of jewelry to give as a gift or to buy for you, the bangle bracelet has seen its popularity skyrocket in recent years. Many more people like the look that they can get from a bangle bracelet and like the fact that it does not… Read More »

Palladium Jewelry

When purchasing jewelry one of the first decisions that you need to make is the type of precious metal that you prefer for the setting. For many years, white or yellow gold was the standard and then platinum emerged. In recent years, palladium jewelry has increased in popularity.  Palladium is a precious metal that is… Read More »

Top 10 Great Budget Gifting Sites for Summer 2013

You always want to gift your loved ones, something that they would always remember but would also not burn right through your pocket or wallet, or worse put them on fire! When buying a gift for a loved one we often cannot buy them the things we really intend to because they are too expensive… Read More »

Sterling Silver Earrings, Gemstone Earrings

Would you like to accentuate your eye color and skin tone with crystal clear gemstones and sterling silver earrings? This beautiful accessory is timeless and is fashion proof! It has the ability to accentuate the beauty of the eyes of a woman! Women and their fascination for jewelry will never go out of vogue. Gems… Read More »

Love of Metallic Jewelry

From centuries women have adorned themselves with prodcuts made from precious metals. They have always loved the color, shine and rarity of gold and silver- fashioning the metals into jewelry to look pretty and attractive. Hoops are always a trendy accessory that young women and teenage girls like to adorn themselves with. They give a… Read More »

Princess cut diamond earrings, Gemstone Jewelry

Princess cut diamond earrings can actually set the perfect mood for any extraordinary occasion. There is a special sparkle in the eyes of the beholder. Diamonds can actually enhance the happiness quotient for a special event. As you adorn a diamond stud earrings, the classic element within gets highlighted successfully. On a special evening, as… Read More »

Rose Gold Earrings, Rose Gold Eternity Band

The old world charm of vintage rose gold is unmistakable. It’s eternal sparkle glitters through time and space. It has attracted women from one generation to another. Today its customized jewelry is in demand. Jewelry that anyone adorns has to be one of a kind. Each piece is made to order only for that person… Read More »

Loose Diamonds to Shape Your Artistic Imagination

Gone are the days when women used to fantasize about diamonds. The customer focused marketers have come up with different schemes to let your dream come true. Well known brands offer yearly schemes, discounts to let that special gem touch your heart. The beauty and uniqueness of diamonds make it the most popular choice of… Read More »

White Gold Diamond Jewelry – Royal and Stylish!!!

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of” – George Eliot Since time immemorial, women’s fascination for jewelry has not gone unnoticed. Women believe that the gems can do wonders, when you fall short of words. Be it white gold diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry, palladium jewelry or the traditional… Read More »

Engagement Rings that Do More than Glitter


Can diamonds become an eyesore? Yes! When you do not choose the right kind of diamond especially with respect to shape it can sometimes end up looking rather ugly on your fingers. It would be a complete waste of money if you buy an expensive piece of jewelry which does not suit you at all…. Read More »

Designing your Own Diamond Jewellery


Humans have been fascinated by jewellery at all times. The trend doesn’t seem to slow down in fact people are making fantastic designs and patterns that can make you feel it’s all just a dream. Handmade jewelry still exists but with modern gadgets that brilliantly shape and cut stones/ metal into perfect pieces of fine… Read More »

Jewels that Best Suit You


What kind of metal suites you the best. The easy way to find out is by just walking into jewelry store and trying on the different metallic ornaments. Every kind of metal used in the ornament industry has a special look of its own. Although most of these metallic jewelry are free from allergy some… Read More »

Accessorizing with the Right Kind


Even a single accessory that you use can make you look like a diva. This is how important accessorizing can be. Likewise wrong selection of accessories can completely destroy your whole ensemble. It’s not critical but certainly needs its share of attention to gain maximum benefit out of it. Smart accessorizing can give the right… Read More »

Jewelry for All Occasions


There are a few essentials to keep in mind when you are getting ready for a party and the most important one is confidence. Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you. To give you a little boost up accessorize yourself, dress in a way that speaks of your confidence and character. Adding… Read More »